Tough Call…or was it

An 11 year old mare, papered.  Well trained.  Raced in her younger days.  Pretty.

Good weight, bright and alert.  A bit of marey pissiness but all in all far from a sad sack.

She was euthed the other day.  Then laid to rest on the farm where her last foal still romps about until it is time for her training.

Her hocks were shot, it became more apparent when she was bred, though she was given the go ahead as breeding sound prior.  The extra weight bothered her, so she was never to be bred again, cute and papered as she was.

Her owner could not keep her, but did not want to try and give her away to parts unknown for free.  Nor did she want to bute her up sell her to someone unsuspecting as a sport horse, or make a few bucks running her through the auction to whatever fate may have waited for her there.

Nope, she pulled out her wallet, paid the vet to put her down and had her buried.

Some people would think this is a horrible thing, some would think this horse owner cruel or uncaring but she was exactly the opposite.  She alone took responsibility for her horse.  She did not put her on the internet free to anyone who would take her.  She didn’t try to sell her.  She did not want this mare to end up being bred, ridden or shipped to slaughter.

And the only way she could do for sure it is to send her over the bridge peacefully and in the place Miss Mare knew as home.  She will never know the horror of slaughter, or be bred again and again for her looks and bloodlines to make some BYB little sport horses while she gimped around painfully on ruined hocks.

Sadly the number of horses like her far outweighs the number of good forever homes for a companion only horse, and also the available spots in rescues and sanctuaries.

A tough call, but the best option of the bunch…I think of this mare when I see the dozens upon dozens of ads looking for a forever home for someone’s old, or lame horse.  They just aren’t out there in any number.  If you do find one that is 100% guaranteed kudos to you and be happy for it, you (and your horse) are lucky!

And there are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing who will promise your horse that green field of knee deep grass and ship it for a quick buck.  They will even bring along kids and be as sweet as pie!

Out of sight out of mind for some people?




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Good and Bad in Everything…

…even Craigslist!

I LOVE these sales pictures”

image 1


In case you wanted to see more, here is the other side.

This seller does redeem himself with a decent picture further into the ad.  Whew I am glad this horse does, indeed, have a head!

You can even get a decent idea of his build with this picture, apart from the saddle covering his back.  But why use the first pictures as the opening shots in the ad?

Anyways this gave me a chuckle while researching my real topic.





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Form Follows Function-part 2

There is a part one to this, if you care to go back and read 🙂

I may pick on some people, and some horses…but today I am picking on (and lets be honest-bragging about) mine.

Check out these legs, this is not an awkward pic either-this is how she stands:


(And don’t ask me why her back feet look so bizarre here-but they surely do-she was UTD on trimming.  I think she is standing in poop LOL)

I adopted her purely out of love when she needed someone, without any background info.  I had zero expectations, maybe some happy hacking.

Due to her freeze brand I had a place to start researching her life.  My research was limited however, as I would rather spend my money on her actual care, rather than finding out who she is.  So I could only find so much. Reg’d name, sire and dam, etc.  No race records came up for me so I assumed she was unraced.  I mean, look at those gams, who would race her?

Then, by total fluke, the man who came to do her teeth the other day was a die-hard Standardbred fan-with the means to find out more on his magical Iphone with his Standardbred Canada membership.  He saw her brand, asked “Well WHO do we have here?” and punched her in.
He found a lot more information, to the tune of (drumroll) this little (14.3) mare had won $155,000 racing over 6 years with a whopping 166 starts!!!  It is not a lot of money I know, but it IS a lot of racing.

One hundred and sixty six…damn.  29 wins, 17 places and 34 shows.

The World Standardbred Show has a special designation for 100+ plus starts, it is called “Warhorse”.

Warhorse indeed!  Staying sound on those legs?  Yes, here is your medal!

I am a big one for looking at conformation, I would have passed this little darling over in a heartbeat in the “staying sound” category.   I would not have bought her for a prospect.  Or even a retraining project.

Yet she sits in her stall munching hay with her freshly filed chompers, solid as a dollar all day long.

I also have to give credit to all her previous handlers, though she has some common ex-racehorse quirks like making faces, sticking out her tongue and pinning her ears at feeding time she is, all in all, still a happy willing creature!

And (still amazed) sound!

Another one for the books…!


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Free Friend-that really needs our help!!!

Meet Eden:

EdenDoes a Standardbred canter?  Looks like she has a beautiful one!  I am not trying to be biased towards the Standies but this is her ad, she needs a home ASAP:

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Eden is an 8 year old Standardbred mare in need of a new home! 15.1hh, gentle and quiet enough for a beginner. All registration, race info and pedigree is available on her. She is a bit green but a sweet mare. Located in Langley. $350. Sadly If she does not find a new home in the next few weeks she will be going to slaughter…

More info on her situation:

PLEASE HELP Find a home for EDEN! Anyone looking for a beautiful 8 year old mare for $350? She is a Standard Breed and 15.1 hands high, and is gentle and quiet enough to be ridden by a beginner. All registration and race info ( lightly raced when she was 3) plus full pedigree is available on her. NOW… Here is the story. In the process of looking for a horse to lease, from my 14 year old daughter, I found a beautiful 8 year old mare for sale in Langley. The people who have her are willing to sell her for that cheap because they only ended up with her after the people who had owned her previously just stopped paying to board her. She now legally belongs to them. They are not horse people and even though the previous owners owe them thousands of dollars they are willing to let her go for $350. She is a sweet horse and tacks well though she is a bit green. What she needs is a lot of love. We live in Vancouver and I would LOVE to have her but boarding close to us in Vancouver is too expensive and she needs more love than we could give her once a week. I say she “needs love” because she seems to have some anxiety being away from another mare who has now been sold. I just cannot get out to Langley, where it is cheaper to board a horse, often enough to give her the love she needs. After talking with DEBBIE, a friend of the people trying to sell her, I have decided to help find her a new home for EDEN. PLEASE share this with anyone you think might be interested in owning a beautiful horse. Sadly If she does not find a new home in the next few weeks she will be going to slaughter. IF you are interested in knowing more please private message me and I will provide you with the number of Debbie who is trying to find a good home for EDEN. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT

Contact info here  as always if you do not have/want FB comment here and I will do the messaging for you!

Another pic, not a badly built mare at all.  I see no reason why she wouldn’t stay sound for (or be able to do) almost anything.

This is also a great example of getting them before the feedlot/broker programs do!  Once she hits that road she will be marked up considerably to some bullshit $950 plus fees for her “bail” nonsense, and if a well-meaning soul saves her it will be at an inflated price and the KB will make money on her.
So he can buy 3 more.

Don’t let that happen, get her before they do!

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So you LOOOVE horses?

Warning rant a’coming…

A lot of people love horses, and want to rescue them, and want to tell the world when they have been wronged by someone cruel and heartless.


I will name names here, I will out wrongdoers all day and I don’t fear the backlash, but to be fair (and sane) about it I also must have some proof.

I am not 12, just because it was on a rescue’s page or Facebook I am not going to tar a business or organization with the shit brush without some PROOF.

Back to back I have received some pretty bad stories, one about an organization and one about a boarding barn who starved a horse due to lack of payment, hell they are still on one of my tabs here in hopes someone talks and I can name them.

But when I enquired further, dead silence….

People seem very quick to say this and that, and I follow up as far as I can, but without a bit of collaboration between us horse lovin’ folks I am dead in the water.  I really  want to out the boarding barn with the fancy website that starved a black QH stallion when his owner abandoned him and stopped paying board…but the kind hearted woman who saw his plight and DID pay for feed (the only way the barn would feed him anything) doesn’t want to talk.

I would also love to talk about who shipped the Police horse, but the person says she saved him has disappeared also.

I won’t name anyone who gives me solid info, I alone will take any shit that comes from my posts…but I do need to know I am speaking the truth before I carry on.

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And…our free friend, a day late!

HOW cute is the fella???  Please go get him, so I don’t!




Home needed for Standardbred gelding. He is totally sound, easy keeper, never been lame. Loves attention. He’s built like a warmblood, and yes he does canter. He is 16.3 12 yrs old. He would prefer a teen or someone that is dedicated rider as he is at his best when worked. He loves to learn. Free to approved home

He is in Smithville, Ontario.  Comment here and I will put you in touch or message

He looks like the kindest, sweetest boy ever, I will bet someone is going to get a gem of a horse!

*Tells self I CANNOT have another…CAN NOT*


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Blowing up the Internet!

Yes it is, and I will warn you now graphic pictures/story to follow.

Rudy the horse was caught in a fence.  His “caring owners” *snort* didn’t bother to get up off the couch and check on him, they just called animal control to remove a dead horse for them on New Years Day.

For some reason I imagine the exchange going like this:

“Hey Cyrus there’s a horse down out thar, wrapped in the fence”

“Well call the damn pound woman!  And get me another beer!”

Guess that’s our first clue of their I.Q level…AC is not Police, or Fire or Ambulance-they are not open holidays.  So they left a message.

And DON’T go out and look for yourselves or anything!  You gotta hold that rogue couch down!

So the day AFTER AC came out to the farm, to find the poor animal was in fact still alive.  Tangled in a fence, down and worse?  Something, dog, coyote, we don’t know…had been gnawing on his face!  His ears were gone.  One eyelid was gone, and a big chunk of one side of his face was gone.  I cannot imagine the absolute terror this horse went thru, being unable to flee during that horror, when every instinct in him wanted to.

So they took possession of the horse and transferred him to Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue, as his owner did not want to do anything about it.  Inconvenient not dead horse…

Here is the poor fellow (I warned you!!!).




So far over $15,000 has been raised for his care.  He is reportedly eating, and alert.  The rescue reports his condition as;

Rudy has extensive facial injuries, the most dramatic was the fact that both of his ears had been torn off, as well as, a large portion of the right side of his face.  He also has corneal ulcers in both eyes and both his upper and lower right eyelids had been torn off.  He has a fractured jaw and a large piece of bone was removed.  He has numerous lacerations and punctures on his head.  He has numerous lacerations and punctures to all of his legs including a possible septic tendon sheath.  

Some of this story is obvious.  His owners SUCK for example, just careless lazy uncaring idiots!  And barbed wire is NOT good fencing, for another Captain Obvious statement.

More of it is a bit grey…

Is this fair to the horse?  What quality of life will he have?  Would he be better off euthed?  Why or why not?

Could this money be better spent saving ten or 15 other horses?  Horses who can be brought back to 100% health and be very much adoptable?

How will his missing eyelid be handled?  The eyeball needs to be lubricated-by blinking.  How will he manage in a herd if he has no ears to “speak” with (never mind protecting the exposed areas of his ear canals)?

Will his life be enjoyable to him after this all dies down and everyone forgets about him?

I may be jaded, but often once the initial internet frenzy is over will there be an adoptive home for this poor guy, who is going to be less than cute and possibly not rideable?

I have a few opinions, but am not weighing in here, I want to hear your thoughts!


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