So you LOOOVE horses?

Warning rant a’coming…

A lot of people love horses, and want to rescue them, and want to tell the world when they have been wronged by someone cruel and heartless.


I will name names here, I will out wrongdoers all day and I don’t fear the backlash, but to be fair (and sane) about it I also must have some proof.

I am not 12, just because it was on a rescue’s page or Facebook I am not going to tar a business or organization with the shit brush without some PROOF.

Back to back I have received some pretty bad stories, one about an organization and one about a boarding barn who starved a horse due to lack of payment, hell they are still on one of my tabs here in hopes someone talks and I can name them.

But when I enquired further, dead silence….

People seem very quick to say this and that, and I follow up as far as I can, but without a bit of collaboration between us horse lovin’ folks I am dead in the water.  I really  want to out the boarding barn with the fancy website that starved a black QH stallion when his owner abandoned him and stopped paying board…but the kind hearted woman who saw his plight and DID pay for feed (the only way the barn would feed him anything) doesn’t want to talk.

I would also love to talk about who shipped the Police horse, but the person says she saved him has disappeared also.

I won’t name anyone who gives me solid info, I alone will take any shit that comes from my posts…but I do need to know I am speaking the truth before I carry on.

About crow131

I'm a happy camper 95% of the time, I love animals and kids....and some adults. I believe in Karma and am a spiritual and moral person. Bad people may gain in this world but they are still bad.... I have many interests, including horses, birds, growing my own food, art, writing, the Runes....yes, it is all over the map. I feel some of us are here to care for those who are not cared for by those who should care for them-if that makes any sense ;-)
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