Have you ever…

…seen a set of hind legs like this?

fuglyjerry         fuglyjerry2

This fellow is a 3 year old.  He is on a feedlot and his breed and training status remain a mystery.  Many well meaning commenters seem to think proper feed and time will change this boy.  I don’t agree.

He is 3, and though he has a bit of filling out to do (and it is obvious he has NOT had good care) I cannot see those legs being anything else than what they are…a total mess.  I am sure worming, and grooming and good old food would help him in many other ways but his structure is his structure.


Poor fellow.  According to the feedlot’s page on FB they say he travels sound, and he may well but I cannot see him staying sound with any sort of hard work.  I would like to know who bred this creature and why.  Was he an “Ooops” or did someone plan this breeding and then ditch him when it became apparent he was a conformational mess?  Did he come from a careless BYB who let last years baby breed Mama?
It sure does NOT look like he was in a good place, given his rough coat and worm belly.  Even without the back leg issue he is not much to look at, though I’d love to see a proper side shot to really evaluate him.

The comments some made are pretty harsh over on another forum.  From “Hamburger” to “He is better off slaughtered”.

If he could talk I am sure his ugly self would not agree…he is likely quite fine with being a  Fugly mess.  He did not ask to come into this world, he did not ask for someone who had no clue what they were doing to breed him, or perhaps he is a fluke out a someone’s wonderful mare.  Maybe when he got to 3 they saw he was not going to turn out anything like they planned so off goes Jerry (the rescue page named him) to the feedlot.

There are a lot of scenarios since we don’t know the real one, but none are his fault.  Every single one is a humans fault.  From stupidly breeding without thought to dumping a foal you bred that turned out Fugly (or the wrong color, or the training fairy never came and now he is a 16 hand brat you never halter broke) every single scenario for this fellows creation and subsequent dumping at a feedlot is a persons doing, not a horses.

Maybe they need to be the hamburger?

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I'm a happy camper 95% of the time, I love animals and kids....and some adults. I believe in Karma and am a spiritual and moral person. Bad people may gain in this world but they are still bad.... I have many interests, including horses, birds, growing my own food, art, writing, the Runes....yes, it is all over the map. I feel some of us are here to care for those who are not cared for by those who should care for them-if that makes any sense ;-)
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