Meanwhile…over at SnarkyRider

I have been a reader/fan of Snarky Rider since the original Snarky.  The new Snarky  is just as good.

Today the guest post is….mine.  So head on over to Snarky if you want to check it out 🙂

About crow131

I'm a happy camper 95% of the time, I love animals and kids....and some adults. I believe in Karma and am a spiritual and moral person. Bad people may gain in this world but they are still bad.... I have many interests, including horses, birds, growing my own food, art, writing, the Runes....yes, it is all over the map. I feel some of us are here to care for those who are not cared for by those who should care for them-if that makes any sense ;-)
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5 Responses to Meanwhile…over at SnarkyRider

  1. trailrider20 says:

    Yea, I like snarky too, but of all the horsey sites I visit, yours is set up the best. Easy to see when somebody else has made a comment, easy to navigate, and the best posts. Please keep up this great site. Thanks

  2. crow131 says:

    Thank you very much Trailrider, I appreciate you coming to read 😀

  3. trailrider20 says:

    OK, I took a look at the “explanation” by Ms. Parrelli, and am more confused than ever. I think she said that the horse was brought to her because it was afraid of the weather. (???) Then Pat chimes in to invite us to an upcoming event he’s having. Then Ms. Parrelli mentions something about the events being “entertainment”. Hmmmmmmm

  4. crow131 says:

    Trail where did you find the explanation? I followed the video link again and read the comments on Snarky, no luck.
    Yes that would be some sort of entertainment, wouldn’t it? :-O

  5. trailrider20 says:

    The explanation was down in the comment section. Got around to looking at it this morning, should still be there.

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