Mixed Messages

From Kijiji-our Canadian source of WTF:

Kijiji: horse free to good home

My wife rescued because she was going to meat market, we have to find her a home she is very healthy now and pampered dearly.
I am looking for a very good home for my 3.5 yr old red quarter horse. Her name is Bobbi and she is 13.3 hands. She had her shots done May 27,2013. She was dewormed June 30, 2013. Her teeth were power floated on July 2, 2013. I had a chiropractor look at her on June 24, 2013. She is in good shape, except that she has sore left stifle. She requires regular massage, atleast
every few days. Bobbi will always have weak susoensories. The most she will be
able to do is walk, and trot. Anything more would break her down. She is a
stalled horse, and requires indoor board. I have ridden her. She was great,
listened to basics, and she has an amazing backup. I use a biteless bridal with
her. She is ready to begin ground work. She is not broke by any means but is
very sweet, and enjoys doing things.She will be an incredible girl with the
right owner.

Gawd, I just hate when my horses go to meat markets, you think they’d have more self respect than that and at least try e-harmony or something…;-)

Something tells me they are not horse people, call me psychic.  Red, well we call that chestnut (or sorrel for our Western pals).  And if she is 13.3 she is not a Quarter Horse but a Quarter Pony.  The person placing the ad says they have a wife, so I assume he is a fully grown man.  So they have either measured her wrong or he makes me (at five foot zero) look like Kareem Abdul Jabbar!


This is me at a (omigawd freezing cold!) schooling show on a 15.3 Thorobred-see what I mean?

We have to give them props for the vet care they have given her but I am wondering about the regular massage statement.  She is not in heavy work and they don’t state if that is a lifetime thing or to solve the stifle issue.  Or maybe the chiropractor just saw them coming….

At 3  1/2 I also wonder why she has weak “susoensories”.  From the tiny pic she does not look to have DSLD, although perhaps at this young age it is just not apparent yet.  I also wonder why she has to be stalled and requires indoor board-most horses do best with at least some turnout.

Now here is the really confusing part; In the same paragraph it is stated she is “not broke by any means” but also “I have ridden her. She was great, listened to basics, and she has an amazing
backup”.  If this is true she is green-broke.

Or does that mean she just ran backwards as an evasion?  What exactly would “the basics” be in this case?  In my world the basics mean she went forward with leg, stopped when asked, and turned left and right, even if in a clumsy fashion.  When a horse will do that without any major issues I consider it green broke.

No matter how I strain my eyes that “bitless bridle” just looks like a halter and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out where the lead rope is clipped to.

“She is ready to begin ground work”?  Isn’t that what you do BEFORE riding the horse?  Or have I been doing it backwards all these years?

I am not sure how “incredible” a girl she will be, no matter who the owner is if, at 3 1/2, she is already having tendon issues, a sore stifle, and needs massage every few days.  She may be a sweetie, and may make a good pet, and as always I hope she finds a loving home (where some moron does NOT breed he)r.  A mare that young that already has soundness issues is not a good candidate for breeding.

Ah Kijiji-you never cease to amaze me!

About crow131

I'm a happy camper 95% of the time, I love animals and kids....and some adults. I believe in Karma and am a spiritual and moral person. Bad people may gain in this world but they are still bad.... I have many interests, including horses, birds, growing my own food, art, writing, the Runes....yes, it is all over the map. I feel some of us are here to care for those who are not cared for by those who should care for them-if that makes any sense ;-)
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3 Responses to Mixed Messages

  1. trailrider20 says:

    This does seem like a case of lack of knowledge, but seems like they are trying. If she is free, seems like they just got a horse they can’t really use and are trying to get find someone who can. If they want money, may be pulling at heart strings to make a profit. I’d want to see any receipts for work done on her.

  2. regalsin says:

    I agree with the lack of knowledge, hell if anyone gets a massage every few days it will be me LOL Stifles are fix by working the horse not sitting it in a stall all day. Maybe they mean just at night?? Must have a few bucks to pay for massage or they are doing it themselves.

  3. ruth ellen hoezee says:

    the blind leading the blind, and they need a dictionary !

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